Top Hop is a short puzzle-platformer game with only a few levels (which can be different in each version), originally made in TIC-80. The protagonist of this game, Max, can't jump, so it's your task to attach technologically advanced springs to the ground with your pointer, so he can reach higher platforms and avoid water. However, there's a little problem: you only have 3 springs! Can you guide Max to the exit without losing? Try to beat this game's tiny levels!



Max walks automatically, so the only thing you control is his jump, which is activated by springs that you have to attach to the ground with the cursor. If Max isn't going upwards, you can click on a spring you have already used and get it back.



A (X for Pixel Vision 8, Z for every other version) or tap/click (LowRes NX only) - start/pause

Mouse/pointer - attach a spring to the ground or remove it



The game is available for:



Pixel Vision 8



LowRes NX

Thanks to the fantasy consoles, LIKO-12, Pixel Vision 8 and PICO-8 discord servers and the developer of Pixel Vision 8 for all of the help and feedback!


Top Hop for TIC-80 (cartridge) 13 kB
Top Hop for LIKO-12 (disk) 77 kB
Top Hop for Pixel Vision 8 (disk) 50 kB
Top Hop for PQ93 (cartridge) 19 kB
Top Hop for PICO-8 (cartridge) 16 kB
Top Hop for LowRes NX (cartridge) 23 kB

Install instructions

The original version for TIC-80 can be played on the browser, but the game files of every version can also be downloaded.

Download links for each fantasy console:



Pixel Vision 8:


PICO-8 (purchase):

LowRes NX:

Development log


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Yeah, i played just the LOWRES NX vsrsion only.